Can be installed in grade listed buildings and provides the property with constant lighting, making it safe for people within the premises to evacuate calmly in the case of a fire, even if mains power is affected.

Emergency Light closer to the floor can reduce working time or money lost in trying to sort out situations if the mains power does fail.

If a fire occurs and there is a blackout, emergency lighting will make it easier to leave the building safely and calmly for everyone in the premises, the emergency light socket improves the emergency lighting in hotel corridors and rooms.

Due to their energy efficiency and environmental benefits, LED’s are safer and can save money in the long term.
LED’s are more efficient than incandescent bulbs
They waste very little energy as heat, unlike most light sources They can light up quickly and can be turned on and off frequently
LED’s are less fragile and have longer lifespans
They are less toxic because they do not contain mercury