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So if I have a power cut, how does the light work?

Inside the socket there is a rechargeable battery, so while the mains power is on this battery is charging. Now when the power is removed the LED’s then light up as its being supplied by the battery.

How long does the light last for in a mains power cut?

More than 3 hours, this is whats required for the emergency light regulations.

Can I test the light strip?

Yes, we have a test button on the socket front, you can press this to see the LED (COB – Chips On Board) light is working.

Can I replace my normal 2 gang socket with this?

Yes, it’s a standard BS1363 socket but with an LED (light-Emitting Diode) COB (Chip On Board) installed on the front and a circuit board behind with a rechargeable battery.

Will this fit a 25mm deep 2 gang socket box?

Yes it will, better with a 35mm deep box as you have more room for the cables.

Don't want a socket, but a light near my fuse board.

We sell the Emergency Light Module on out online shop, this is powered by 240 VAC and when the power is removed it has a bright LED light. If wiring to the fuse board, i would suggest that you wire to the Light fuse, this is normally 6 amp fuse or circuit breaker.

Can I clean the front of the socket with the light?

Yes, the LED COB (Chips On Board) is water proof.
It goes without saying, always be careful with electricity and water.

I can't have emergency lighting as the building is grade 2

Yes you can, you can replace your existing sockets and install the emergency lighting sockets.

My sockets are near the ground how can that help for an emergency light?

Being near the ground is good, if you have a smoke filled room, smoke rises. With the sockets near the ground you can see the floor.

Can I remove the green LED on the front of the socket?

No, its there to indicate the battery is charging and you have 4.6v dc supply to the main PCB board. You can cover it up if its an issue, but the regulations ask for a LED charging light.

Do I need to replace any battery's or LED's?

No, the components are high quality and will last for many years.

Can your Emergency Light module work on 110VAC

Yes it can, any supply voltage from 110 VAC to 250 VAC, and 50 or 60 hz. So it will work fine in the USA.


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