3.6 VDC Battery 2800 mAh

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This 3.7V, 18650, Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery, 2.8Ah (2800 mAh) IS NOT AA size, its slightly larger with measurements  70 mm long X 18 mm diameter.

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This 3.7V, 18650, Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery, 2.8Ah (2800 mAh) IS NOT AA size, its slightly larger with measurements  70 mm long X 18 mm diameter.

The Lithium-ion rechargeable battery is a reliable, safe, quality battery which emit high source of power suited for various portable devices, such as mobile phones, Bluetooth devices, torches portable devices, bio-metric devices and many more appliances. The batteries have a low internal resistance and long-life cycle. Offering long storage life of three months or more. The Li-ion rechargeable battery is ideal for consumer electronics as it does not affect memory and a slow loss of charge when not in use.

Features & Benefits

High capacity and stable Discharge Voltage Light weight packed with high performance Pollution free and consists of a long cycle life Memory not affected Low battery internal impedance Excellent discharge properties and storage capability Free from leakage of liquid electrolyte Terminal – Tagged Capacity 2.8Ah


The ICR18650 battery can be used for many different devices such as:
Mobile phones, Bluetooth devices, bio-metric devices (CDMA, GSM, W-CDMA etc.) and Slime PDA, DSC, MD/MP Player, Emergency Light Socket and various portable devices.


How long do the Lithium-ion batteries (ICR18650) typically take to charge?
Standard charge for these batteries are 3 hours and rapid charge 2.5 hours. The battery should be used within a short time after charging as long-term storage may cause loss of capacity by self-discharging.
How to charge the Lithium-ion batteries (ICR18650)?
It is strongly recommended to use the dedicated charger /system that is designed for 18650 lithium-ion the batteries. Avoid charging the battery by an electrical outlet or a cigarette lighter charger. Do not reverse connect the battery to the charger. Always read the user manual before charging.
What is the storage recommendations for the Lithium-ion batteries (ICR18650) ?
If the cell is kept for a long time (3 months or more), It is strongly recommended that the cell is preserved at dry and low-temperature and away from corrosive gas atmosphere. Also, avoid keeping the batteries in drawers with metallic objects like paperclips, coins, other batteries or household items such as steel, wool, aluminium foil and keys. If these touch, this can be a potential fire hazard. Keep the batteries in their original packaging until ready to use.

Safety advice

It is important to understand the safety measures for Lithium-ion batteries. Incorrect use of these batteries may cause it to leak, produce heat, catch fire or even explode. Customers must be knowledgeable on Li-Ion rechargeable batteries in charging, discharging, and assembly before use. Put the batteries in fire-proof container. Never leave batteries unattended when charging. Do not put batteries on wood surface or carpet when charging Always use a battery charger which is rated for Li-ion Cells.Never expose Lithium-ion batteries to extreme temperatures.

Attribute Value
Size 18650
Nominal Voltage 3.7V
Capacity 2.8Ah
Chemistry Lithium-Ion
Terminal Type Tagged
Operating Temperature Range -20 +60°C


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