There are a variety of different types of emergency lighting which are available to suit whatever lighting need you may have. The most traditional type of emergency lighting are the internal and external bulkhead emergency fittings. These usually have a poly-carbonate body and tray which houses all the components and most of these will operate for three hours without any mains power and will recharge when the mains power has been restored.

There are a variety of different shapes, however the most popular by far are the circular and rectangular shaped bulkheads which will stretch from 8 Watt to 28 Watt usually. In recent times, more decorative products have hit the market. Interior and exterior bulkheads which can be purchased with emergency gear inside so they will light when there is a power cut.

LED emergency lighting is now starting to become very popular thanks to its energy saving benefits. A lot of illuminated exit signs are now LED and are virtually maintenance free thanks to the fact the LED’s in the fitting will last for around 30,000 hours without needing to be replaced.